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Caberg Tourmax Helmet Preview

As I get older I get more interested in equipment and clothing capabilities and combinations. BORING! Yes, I know. Maybe one day I will be looking at a heavy twill pair of chinos in M & S, Britain’s most traditional department store, with longing. But not yet.

So this new helmet from Caberg could be good. The key feature is the inclusion of a peak, once you’ve ridden with one it’s hard to be without. Those moments of sudden low sunlight hitting the visor disappear with a slight lowering of the forehead. But, as with all compromises on the downside the Tourmax could be noisey, clunky or heavy.

I’ll keep an eye out for the first release, due in the EU in spring 2014. In the meantime there is a review at WebBikeWorld below.
Caberg Tourmax Helmet Preview – webBikeWorld.