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Touratech Screen Spoiler

This is a decent, solid in the 25% over-engineered German sense, biker’s bit of kit.

The shape doesn’t give you a massive increase in screen height but can make a critical difference. Especially if you are in the grey zone of rider comfort where the correlation between your upper body height, bike design and bike screen position can expose your head and shoulders to wind buffeting at speeds above 70mph. I always seem to forget how much of the ambient noise once in the bike is nothing to do with the engine sound but wind roar. This screen clips on the top of your existing shield – at whatever the existing angle is bear in mind – and can be easily carried or packed in your everyday bike kit.

This spoiler is lockable, so gives you a bit of peace of mind that it won’t be nicked; although the chances of this sort of opportunistic crime are, frankly, slim.

TMJ Verdict; do your homework obviously but if your bike screen is more vertical than most and you want to cut the wind noise it’s a good option.