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Riding the new BMW R1200 GS LC 2013 in Spain

This is the first day on the new BMW R1200GS LC 2013. A good mix of mountain roads, A roads and an hour of motorway at the end. First impressions are good. The headline is that this bike has moved on; it doesn’t feel like it shares much of its former incarnations’ character.


SW of Madrid in the Gredos Mountains.


Smooth ride, good wind deflection, comfortable position over the front

Power and control. The E settings work well and put the power onto the road

Kit; luggage and sockets. it works and over decade of experience have put it where you need it


Slightly vague front under power. Poss link to reports of headshaking/tankslappers.

The switchgear on the left is temperamental, apparently a high incidence problem.

Tank size continues to limit your range compared to what the bike could let you do.



Overall to encourage a 550km day first time out the new GS is a top flight machine.

BMW R1150 GS

So having just completed around 800 miles – in three days! – on the new bike I can definitely say we’re bonding well.

The touring set up works well, it’s amazing the effect having the ‘light triangle’, the HID headlight and the Hella spots that is, has on other road users. I’ve only had one ‘pull out because I haven’t seen you’ moment and I would have expected slightly more given the amount of time on A roads I’ve just put in.

The screen is the 1150 adventure model and does its job. The extra width and height gives a significant increase in the overall surface area and this makes 70 (+) mph easier. I haven’t noticed the usual neck stiffness or tinnitus despite wearing a Shoei Hornet with a peak. This kind of distance on the KTM 950 Adv would have been very different – by now I’d have been temporarily deaf and dazed.

Today’s ride went from Betws-y-Coed in North Wales to North Yorkshire – without going on any motorways! It took in the rolling roads around Ruthin in North Wales, crossed to the Peak District and went over the Cat and Fiddle Pass, now speed restricted with average speed cameras sadly, and through Whaley Bridge. Pushing north I left the peaks by the Holmfirth Pass and went into the Yorkshire Dales, racing the setting sun as I followed the valleys north.

Genuinely one of the finest days I’ve had on a bike in the UK.

New bike, BMW R1150 GS


A *short* 230 mile day on the new rig yesterday. All good so far. It’s a BMW R1150 GS on a ’02 plate. First impressions are good; Rob L, the previous owner, has set it up well. The cockpit is a good place to be, comfy and much better protected than the ol’ KTM.

Another 200 mile day today. The weather is fine and the roads are dry. Heading from North Yorkshire to North Wales. Not all on the motorways, sweeping through the Dales and the deepest darkest North Welsh roads between Mold and Llanwrst. Updates as we go.

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