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I have dromomania and an incurable curiosity about how far it’s possible to push the boundaries of adventure, long distance travel, human endurance and the patience of anyone in charge of me!

After a youthful dalliance with canoeing, something called ‘trekking’ that we won’t go into, I realised that being afloat afforded endless opportunity to be near a beach, a bar and a beer and took up sailing. When the beer ran out and the sailing had taken me across the Atlantic further challenges were called for. Mountaineering fitted the bill and after a few years of nomadic life as a climber living out of a van spending summers in the Alps I’d scaled my way to a reasonable standard of skill.

But throughout a love for motorcycles was the constant. I learned to ride in Tanzania on a Suzuki DR350, kick starting my interest in two wheeled adventure. So far I’ve explored some of the Silk Road routes on a Chinese 125, enjoyed riding an Enfield in India, followed the Moroccan Atlantic coast on a Transalp and discovered hidden Spanish mountains on a GS. 2015’s expedition was back to India to get to the highest motorable pass in the world. Or maybe just get away from it all.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Harry, great blog. Glad you found me – I’m now following. When I have some time I’ll go through it all in more detail.
    And thanks for re-posting the la test vid. It’s been a bit of a hit – probably due to my wing-woman more than me…

  2. Hi Harry,
    How’s the GS going ?
    If you ever get the chance I can thoroughly recommend a blog on Norway, although getting their is a bit of a challenge !
    Keep up the good work – biking and blogging

  3. Hey Rob,

    Don’t worry the GS is still as sweet as ever! You won’t be suprised to hear it’s got over 60K on the clock and still running smoothly. I’d be keen to ride in Norway, what a shame the ferry route stopped.

    Biking and blogging (when I get a chance) is still good. I’ve just put a vid together on YouTube you might enjoy: look on the website under ‘India’

    Hope all well with your site.

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