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Ted Simon, Jupiter’s Travels

Ted Simon speaking in 2012;

“A long time ago I heard Truman Capote describe his idea of a short story as, “a scrap of lightning that briefly illuminates the landscape.” The image is so vivid that it has stuck with me over many decades, and I can’t think of a better model for Journey Insights. Ideally they should be short and unpretentious. They should deal with a single event such as an incident, a meeting, a confrontation, a revelation, but within the telling there should be something that illuminates the landscape, and that landscape could be the local environment or culture, the journey of which it is part, or it could be the human condition. Some Insights may stray a long way from this prescription, but whatever it is it must be simple, honest and genuine, and to write something honest and genuine is already a triumph.” 

Ted is the original Jupiter’s traveller. On his trusty Triumph he showed us all how to travel simply, and as a co tributing and whole part of the local cultures he visited. He remains a strong inspiration for me and us all.

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