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I like this picture. It’s a great guide to lightweight adventure motorcycling. The machine is a Kawasaki KLR650, possibly one of the diesel conversions. First off; check out the uprated fuel tank on the bike. It looks like the Acerbis model for the Kawasaki. This would increase the range by around 150 miles whilst keeping the extra fuel weight centred and as low as possible, more effective than pack fuel on panniers.

Now have a look at the Marine’s kit. He’s got the heavier weight around his waist in his belt kit and not much on his shoulders. Kriega does some gear that basically matches this webbing and Camelbak option. Some adventure riding gear puts a lot of the load on the back which can tire the long distance rider.

Lastly check out the deck handler. He knows the rider is a motorcycle legend. Don’t be this guy. Get on a bike.