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Spanish Roads: Madrid and Mountains


This is area of our second full days riding. We left the Madrid – Burgos motorway after 45km or so and rode through the National Park areas around the pass at La Hiruela.


We were on two great bikes, I spent the morning building loads of confidence on the 2013 GS and Toby was on his R1200 RT.


The road varied from wooded overgrown tracks to sweeping asphalt A road curves.


We swopped bikes in the afternoon and I got to ride out a couple of rainstorms behind the massive screen of the RT.

The rain in Spain…..

Riding the new BMW R1200 GS LC 2013 in Spain

This is the first day on the new BMW R1200GS LC 2013. A good mix of mountain roads, A roads and an hour of motorway at the end. First impressions are good. The headline is that this bike has moved on; it doesn’t feel like it shares much of its former incarnations’ character.


SW of Madrid in the Gredos Mountains.


Smooth ride, good wind deflection, comfortable position over the front

Power and control. The E settings work well and put the power onto the road

Kit; luggage and sockets. it works and over decade of experience have put it where you need it


Slightly vague front under power. Poss link to reports of headshaking/tankslappers.

The switchgear on the left is temperamental, apparently a high incidence problem.

Tank size continues to limit your range compared to what the bike could let you do.



Overall to encourage a 550km day first time out the new GS is a top flight machine.

IMT Bike Tours and Rentals


IMT Website

This is the bike hire place we’re using; just about to set off now on Toby’s RT1200. I’m picking up the ’13 1200 GS LC. Today’s route is going to take us west out of town, staying off the motorways and on fast A roads instead. We’ll be following the line of the Gredos Sierra to the west and south; going out on the north side and coming back on the south side.