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Hand luggage – motorcycle helmet – Ryanair

How’s this for a ‘first world problem’? You’re flying somewhere on a motorcycle trip and want to take your helmet with you. Consigning it to the hold baggage risks it being used as a football, or worse, and slows you down getting out of the airport. Fairly minor stuff but here’s a couple of solutions.

Even the most draconian of airline hand luggage rules are not often checked. Given that the average helmet size generally falls outside the cabin baggage allowance one answer is to carry the helmet on in the smallest pack possible. If you’re challenged then you can either take the hit and check in the lid or put it on. After all, it’s just a big hat. I haven’t done this but I’m going to guess that strategy two is less likely to succeed if your lid is matt black with a dark visor!

As I write I’m about to get on a Ryanair flight; with a helmet and four days of riding gear in a Kriega R25. Travelling light and saving time (and money) hopefully.