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Kriega R35

This rucksack lived up to the strong recommendations it was getting. Ride Magazine, MCN and Bike Magazine all gave it gleaming reviews.

It’s in the little touches that the R35 really excels. The grippy pads on the inside of the chest and waist straps to stop it shifting at speed make a surprising difference to comfort and wearability on the road. The two zipped pockets at the front are, frankly, a genius idea. These pockets alone have saved me a cumulative time totalling hours whilst filling up. No need to take the pack off or scrabble inside an outer jacket; cards and cash are right there. I got so slick that all I had to take off was my right glove in order to hold the pump and punch in the pin. The side pockets (vertical zips on the back) are solid and waterproof and the space inside is just right. On the downside, for there must be balance in a really good review, under heavy load the shoulders still take a strain and the mesh pocket at the top is too small for most everyday kit (wallets, phones etc) combined.

5/5. TMJ Recommended.