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Shark Evoline review, thoughts and capability

A quick post on the Shark Evoline. Image

Tricky things bike helmets. There’s a lot involved when buying one. Safety, one would hope, is your first consideration. Boring and smug as this sounds, it really should be. Rossi’s AGV helmets are cool – but also safe. Although I’m not as dull as I sound, I do have an old Davida Jet which I wear, for comfort and the heritage – but it’s my risk right?

The Shark Evoline is a massive all rounder – massive because it is also quite big in the front, kind of around the chin area. All the separate ideas work – the dark internal visor is ok – although a mm too high. The chin bar moves to the back fine and can be worn and ridden in the open position. It feels pretty heavy like this but ok at low speed or for short distances. The fit is good for the average european head phrenology and the build quality is high enough. The strap is fastened with a plastic closure. I would have preferred a double D set up. What man wouldn’t? It can be slightly above averagely noisy and in rain doesn’t shed water from the visor well. I suspect this is because of the shallower visor angle due to the rotating action.

Here it comes; ‘but’…. overall it’s a bit clunky. I think it’s a triumph of function over form but not necessarily my first choice of helmet. I now use it for commuting in town. So now why not let me know what you think?